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Let's Paint: Goblins

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Welcome to Let's Paint!

Join us as Master Painter, Christopher Davidson, walks you step-by-step through painting Goblins, the short, greenskin cousins of Orcs.

Whether you want to paint Goblins or simply hone your skills as a painter, the Let's Paint series is ideal for painters of all skill levels.  Watch over the shoulder of a Master Painter as he guides you from start to finish on these models.

Inside this 2 DVD, 4.5 hour masterpiece, you will find great tips on:
  • Speed-Painting Large Numbers of Models
  • Painting 4 Different Types of Flesh Tones
  • Individualizing Members of a Regiment
  • Speed-Painting Black Robes
  • Color Theory / Color Combination

Difficulty: 2 / 5 (Basic)

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