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Masterpiece Miniatures: Volume 1

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Masterpiece Miniatures: How to Create Your Own Miniature Works of Art is an exciting new DVD series designed to teach you the techniques and skills necessary for becoming a truly masterful artist in the realm of miniature painting. Designed by Master Painter, Christopher Davidson, Volume 1 contains the basic, fundamental information that you will need to begin your journey towards painting stunning miniatures. Included in this set are the following 3 DVD's:

Disc 1 - Tools of the Trade
Here, you'll learn about all of the various tools that you'll need (and many more that you might want to pick up as your skills progress) for the miniature painting hobby. From the essential brushes and paints to the more advanced tools such as basing materials and feathers, you'll find them here, along with detailed explanations as to why Christopher uses certain types and brands of tools over others.

Disc 2 - Miniature Preparation
This disc contains all the information you'll need to get your miniatures ready to be painted. Christopher gives insightful tips on how to choose a miniature to paint, detailed instruction of the assembly process for both metal and plastic miniatures (including sections of gap filling, pinning, and attaching your miniature to a base), as well as the best way to prime your miniatures.

Disc 3 - The Classic Method
The final disc of Volume 1 contains all of the foundational techniques that you'll need to paint an incredible miniature. Using the Classic Method of miniature painting, Christopher will give you the most in-depth instruction available on basecoating, shading, highlighting, drybrushing, washing, and easy methods of basing your miniatures.

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